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13 Apr Union X Air Jordan 4“Guava Ice', How Comfortable  is it To Wear?
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Ready to buy a pair of Union X air jordan 4 "Guava Ice", how comfortable is it to wear?Union X air jordan 4 "Guava Ice' Shoes, I think it's worth it if you like it.As soon as I received it, I came to unpack it. The most attractive part of the joint n..
07 Apr Everything You Need to Know About the Air Jordan 12
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From 1996, Everything You Need to Know About the Air Jordan 12Introduced in '96 - Air Jordan 12 The first release of the Air Jordan 12 coincided with the 1996-'97 NBA season. This season's NBA, like the Air Jordan of this generation, seems to be the ..
31 Mar Air Jordan 5 Real Shooting Review
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The recently re-engraved Air Jordan 5 Rukawa maple shoes, the editor remembered the memories of childhood, how many people's youth, coupled with the broadcast of the last dance of Jordan's documentary recently, once again attracted everyone's sympath..
24 Mar Jordan V review
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Jordan V reviewThe Jordan V is considered the most aesthetically pleasing of the early pieces in the Air Jordan line. The design concept derived from the fighter jet, the smooth shoe shape, the radial arc extending from the sole, and the "No. 23" log..
16 Mar Why did Jordan 11 basketball shoes become the Holy Grail of sneaker culture?
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The Holy Grail, the legendary quilt used by Jesus at the Last Supper, describes something people have long dreamed of.When the Jordan 11 was released, the shoe had 45 written on the heel, which was Jordan's first comeback number.Marvin Ballas still r..
01 Mar Top 4 Most Classic Jordan Shoes Recommended
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In the early NBA, there was no such thing as basketball shoes, everyone wore canvas shoes. Later, the concept of basketball shoes slowly appeared. Classic styles like the shell head and Air Force One were born. After Jordan was born in 1984, the AJ c..
23 Feb Top 4 Most Popular Jordan Shoes Recommended
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The Air Jordan series is the favorite of many fans. The status of Air Jordan 1 in the hearts of fans is incomparable. The colors and styles of the Air Jordan series have attracted the attention of many people. Let's see which ones are the most handso..
15 Feb A Comic Analysis Review of Jordan's Popular Sneakers
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Hello everyone, today we will analyze some of Jordan's popular sneakers in the form of comics, and let everyone see why the sneakers are so expensive and what technical content they have! Let's start with your favorite AJ 1. The AIR JORDAN generatio..
08 Feb New Air Jordan 1 High OG Brotherhood Real Foot Re-exposure!
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The Omega Psi Phi Fraternity was one of the first fraternity organizations to be established at a black college, dedicated to helping African Americans and providing educational opportunities for youth in the community, Jordan was also a member of th..
21 Jan The New Arrival of Air Jordan 1
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Air Jordan 1 High is undoubtedly the most popular style of AJ's original shoes, and new color matching and joint models emerge in an endless stream every year. The flocking Air Jordan 1 "Chenille", which was exposed not long ago, has also exposed a n..
11 Jan Air Jordan 13
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Air Jordan 13 "ATMOSPHERE GREY" is a pair that is not only a good match, but also has a strong combat ability that does not lose to the current mainstream boots. After two actual battles, this time it was compared with Harden 3. I am 185cm tall and w..
03 Jan The Story of Basketball God Jordan and Air Jordan 1
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Every shoe has its own story. In today's market, young fans pay more attention to the grade brought by high prices, but ignore the culture of the sneaker itself. Shoe lovers should understand the story behind each pair of shoes. Today, let’s talk abo..
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